Monday, March 28, 2011

Time-Saver: T-shirt dusting

Dust.  It's the enemies of Moms everywhere (well, that and tantrums).  In my house, it seems that as soon as I clean it, it mysteriously reappears.  What are we to do? 

I recently came across a helpful solution for daily dusting- the answer?  Dirty laundry!  A simple way to clean the surfaces in and around the bedrooms of your home is to dust with your dirty laundry.  There are plenty of soft fabrics (t-shirts, etc.) that are going in the washer anyway, so what's a little more dirt among friends? 

AAAH!  Dust!  I did let this go for a little bit to get a good picture...

This has been a really easy way for me to add dusting into my daily routine by simply wiping a few surfaces as I pick up clothes to carry to the laundry room.  And although it's been said that you shouldn't air your dirty laundry, I am risking it to save my fellow Moms a few minutes in their cleaning routines!   

So let's leave the dust "in the dust" and take some more time for "me"!

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