Friday, April 15, 2011

How to Make Personalized Easter Baskets

With Easter just over a week away, "Easter Bunnies" (in the daytime, they're called "Moms") everywhere are readying themselves in preparation for the big day.  The candy is purchased, toys are stowed away, and the plastic eggs are ready to stuff.  But alas- last year's plastic Easter bucket has bitten the dust.  What's a good "bunny" to do?  Personalize a new one, of course!

I have long adored the beautiful Easter baskets in kids' catalogs, but never seemed to find "the one" that was right for our boys.  I wanted something Spring-y, cute, "boy" appropriate, and personalized, but I didn't really want to spend more on the basket than I did on the stuffings.  Thankfully, a store-bought Easter basket with liner (on sale!) and a few simple items solved my dilemma.  Here's the simple how-to:

Materials needed:
  • Store-bought Easter basket with fabric liner (I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Iron-on adhesive (I used Heat N' Bond Lite)
  • Fabric (lightweight woven cotton works best)
  • Computer with word processing program, and printer
  • pencil
  • *Optional* Embroidery thread and needle
  1. Measure the height of the space on your basket liner where you will put the name/letters
  2. Choose the fabric that you want to use for the letters, and iron on the Iron-on Adhesive according to the package directions.  Let this cool to the touch but do not remove the paper backing.
  3. Meanwhile, use a word processing program to type out the names in the font of your choice
  4. Print out the names in reverse/mirror image
  5. Use the pencil to color the BACK of the printed paper (non-printed side) where the words are located.  This will be used to transfer your image onto the paper backing on your fabric.
  6. Trace the name/letters onto the paper backing on your fabric.
  7. Cut out the letters, and remove the paper backing.
  8. Arrange the letters on the right side of your basket liner, and iron on according to the Adhesive directions.
  9. *Optional* Secure the letters to your basket liner permanently using a running stitch with your embroidery thread.  This step isn't necessary, but I loved the extra dimension it gave the names.
Now your basket is ready to fill with your collected goodies, and will be enjoyed for years to come!  So as we fill our baskets and nibble the ears off of our (kids') chocolate bunnies, let us remember the true reason that we celebrate this holiday- Christ is Risen!  Happy Easter!