Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Money for "Me": Amazon Mom discounts

For those of us with infants and toddlers, there is one thing that gobbles up extra cash like my preschooler gobbles up goldfish crackers: DIAPERS.  Unless you use cloth (and good for you if you do!), you will go through countless disposable diapers in the first three (or so) years.  With our first son, I diligently used my coupons at the grocery store, and bought diapers in the biggest boxes that I could find.  But still, they weren't cheap. 

But like a blessing from the shopping fairy, (my very favorite place to shop) introduced the Amazon Mom program just before our second son was born.  This incredibly awesome program is for parents and caregivers, and is free to join.  The perks are simple- sign up for Subscribe & Save for diapers or other commonly used baby and household products.  This already gives a 15% discount, but being an Amazon Mom member gives you an extra 15% on diapers, totaling a 30% discount!!!  This seemed amazing enough until I found out I also got free Amazon Prime benefits (free 2 day shipping) for joining.
I love a good bargain, and I can't help myself from sharing this one!  I have stopped more than a few other Moms in the diaper aisle at the grocery store to tell them about this program.  Not only does it save you (a lot) of money, it also takes the hassle out of lugging diapers home from the store (now if I could just get it to change diapers at 3 am!)  Click on the Amazon Mom link below or at the left to learn more about the program and start saving!

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