Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mom-Minute Devotional: Seek and Find

As parents, we spend most of our days "doing" for others. Cooking meals, doing laundry, fixing little hurts and helping our kids learn right from wrong, all while fitting in work or other responsibilities. At the end of the day, this constant “giving” can leave anyone exhausted! Even still, there are others in our midst that ask for our help, either directly or indirectly, and it can be easy to say no because we’re just “too busy”.

In Luke 11:5-13, Jesus talks about a friend who is just “too busy” to help out another friend- his door is already locked, and his kids are in bed, and getting up to share some bread with his friend would just be too much trouble! (It was his "me" time, after all!)  But Jesus teaches that God is not like this. All we need to do is seek God, and He is there… if we simply ask Him into our hearts, He will never be “too busy” to come in, and what a gift that is!

As we go through our everyday activities with our children and with others, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unable to help, even when we want to.  But may this story of the "too busy" friend be a reminder for us to take a moment and give of ourselves to others. 

To help you share this devotional message with your kids, take a few moments from your busy day and do the "Seek and Find Scavenger Hunt" below... the best gift you can ever give your child is YOU! 

Seek and Find Scavenger Hunt:
  1. Find a _____________ (color, size, etc.) stuffed animal
  2. Find something with numbers on it
  3. Find something that we use to eat
  4. Find something that starts with the letter "B"
  5. Find something that has wheels
  6. Find your favorite page in your favorite book
  7. Look up a Bible verse and read it together
  8. Find something that is purple
  9. Find the room with the most lights
  10. Find a "sign" of Spring

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