Thursday, March 24, 2011

Strange finds in Toyland: Matchbox Camping Set

Our new camping set, complete with campers and "deer"
For those of you with kids, you understand that the toy aisle at the grocery store can be both your worst nightmare, or your only saving grace to quiet (OK, bribe) a screaming child.  For me, it is usually the latter, though I am lucky enough that the $.98 cars usually do the trick.  Today, however, my oldest son found a Matchbox "Hitch 'N Haul" Camping Set that "had" to come home with us. 

What is strange about a camping set, you ask?  Well, not much at first glance.  The set comes with a truck and camping trailer, which is what caught my son's eye to begin with.  But further inspection reveals that it also comes with "2 lazy campers" and a (very large) "deer" or maybe an elk.  Really? 

As if these additions weren't weird enough, the "lazy campers" also appear to be dressed like Paul Bunyan with mullets, and are drinking "something" and one is holding what appears to be a hot dog.  When we were asked by our son, "What are they drinking?"  Our response was "Coke".  We'll see how long that lasts... 

So, Dear Matchbox, might you reconsider the drinking habits of your toys aimed at 3 year olds, please?!  Not only are the campers totally unneccessary, but the fact that they are drinking (even if my son believes it is soda) is just plain irresponsible.  The camping trailer and truck will remain a part of our son's car collection, but we will do our best to remove the beer-drinking lazy lumberjacks and the supersized deer, and make a mental note to pay more attention in the toy aisle next time (though we did get a good laugh)!

So to my fellow parents and toy shoppers, be careful out there!

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